Darren Criss – Blaine Leaving Glee?


Oh no!

I just read from Perez Hilton’s blog that Darren Criss, the hot Filipino-American hunk on Glee is rumored to be killed off the show?  Perez got the scoop from Darren Criss’ interview with Essential Homme‘s January/February issue interview where he gave hints that may make his fans wonder.

Darren said:

“You never know, TV shows aren’t like moves where you have a defined sort of beginning middle and end. Things can always change. He’s gonna graduate, and who knows what’s gonna happen after that. The kids who graduated last year, they didn’t know. But hopefully they’ll have me around. That’s all I can say! I’ll be a janitor or something.”

I couldn’t even imagine Blaine being booted from the show.  Where will we get our hunk fix now?

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