Manti – Catfished.


If you know me well, I don’t follow sports. I do like soccer (football) and have watched boxing whenever Manny Pacquiao has a fight. Other than that, my knowledge about sports is close to nil.

But, when I heard about the bizarre story about Notre Dame football star, Manti Teo and his “fake” girlfriend who died, I was intrigued. If you are in a relationship with someone whom you never met, it is embarrassing to admit it. I understand Manti on that front. But, let’s face it. Manti has a lot of cash. If to meet her means flying to Hawaii for a weekend, he could have done it. Heck, he can probably hire a private jet to bring her over. Yet, he didn’t do it. So, what’s the catch?

Many websites are now saying that Manti is probably a gay man in the closet. And if that’s so, maybe a lot of people will find it somewhere in their hearts to understand why he did what he did. He denies any involvement in the hoax and if you read his interview with ESPN, you can almost feel that he’s telling the truth.

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with someone before. It does feel real and even though I haven’t met the guy, it felt like we really cared for each other. That all changed when we finally met. I’m not saying that I found him to be a bad person when I met him. I’m just saying that the chemistry between him and me disappeared once we finally met face-to-face. And my virtual relationship only lasted a year – with a real person.

Let’s see what else would come out in the next few days. There’s gotta me more to this story than meets the eye.

What do you think?

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