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Zac Efron Surprised by a Photographer when he was snapped inside a sex shop in West Village. (PHOTOS)

This is like Disney gold for any paparazzo. Imagine, catching Zac Efron inside a sex shop in West Village and have the photos to prove it?

Well, that’s exactly what happened and rumors has it that Zac begged the photographer to “please delete it since I have a lot of young fans”.

Public relations for Zac went into high gear to do damage control. They said that it’s going to be a scene in a new film Zac is on. Hmmmm. Really?

We’ll see if it ever shows up in any future film of Zac’s. Even if it doesn’t, we’ll always have that memory of him standing in front of those – – what do they call them again? Ahhhhhh! Kidding!

via Dlisted.

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