Dawn Zulueta replaces Maricel Soriano.


After a very successful portrayal as Emily Guidotti in Walang Hanggan, Dawn Zulueta will grace our television sets once again in the new teleserye, Bukas na Kita Mamahalin.

The role was originally offered and prepared for Maricel Soriano. This would have been great exposure for the Diamond Star who hasn’t really done much in terms of “teleseryes” but the incident that happened during the first day of taping between Maricel and Gerald Anderson prompted ABS-CBN to replace Maricel Soriano. It was very unfortunate because a lot of Maricellians are looking forward to seeing their idol back on television again. The incident became a scandal overnight and the Diamond Star was blamed for being too bossy and unaccommodating.

The role was then offered to Dawn Zulueta. We knew how fabulous she was portraying the role of Emily Guidotti and we also know that she will be a good fit to Bukas Na Kitang Mamahalin.

What did she have to say regarding the scandal between Maricel and Gerald?

“I can’t remember a time that I ever reprimanded a young star. I worked with good kids.”

“So I get excited to the young ones who are like him.

“I see how hard they work, I see that they do their research, they’re professional, [and] they come to the set prepared.

I am assuming the statement includes Gerald Anderson whom she had already worked with before.

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