I should have gone into the hotel business.  Technically, I still could.  It’s just a matter of rounding up the resources I need to open up one.
When a very close friend of mine moved from the U.S. to Lebanon  to help his father build hotels there, I was thinking – why?  He lives here in the U.S. with no worries, stable, no political strife – why move?

But then I realized the potential of owning a hotel (or hotels).  It could be very challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

During my last trip to Manila, I stayed at The Renaissance Hotel in Makati.  I must tell you that I had the best treatment ever.  I forget the name of the concierge but she was amazing.  I also stayed at Renaissance Hotel in Boracay and I could say the same thing about the staff.  It was pretty much the same over-the-top treatment I have received in all the hotels I’ve stayed in while I was traveling Asia.

Now, I wish I had majored in Hotel Restaurant Management so I can open my own hotel or bed and breakfast, with at least the basic knowledge on how to operate one.  Ordering supplies could be as easy as clicking your mouse.   One company,  PeachSuite Hotel Supply offers a one-stop shop from irons, to robes, etc. You can basically go to one place and order everything that you need to run a hotel.

Hotel Supplies Online may have been an idea that we never thought could be possible but it is and regardless of the size of the hotel you are trying to set up, it’s just easier to browse online and find the cool stuff that you need.

Even if we talk amenities you want to offer at your hotel, which I think makes a whole lot of difference for the guests, can be ordered online as well. Just find a Hotel Amenities Supplier online and click away, from lotions to soaps, to tissues and notepads, they have it.

I am still in talks with a few close friends about opening up a bed and breakfast in Boracay. Could you just imagine me managing the place? I would totally love it. Besides, if that’s going to be the work that I do until I retire, that would be such a blessing and I would do it in a heartbeat!

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