I don’t know if you’ve seen Storage Wars. It’s a reality show where people bid on storage boxes hoping to score a jackpot. Some of them really make a good living out of it and others lose.

While riding the train this morning, I read on The Daily Mail, UK that someone had purchased a storage locker that once belonged to Penthouse Magazine founder, Bob Guccione. Among the prized things in the storage locker are nude photos of Madonna, Lauren Hutton, Vanessa Williams (together with their signed release forms) and GET THIS – a photo of former Gov. of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a sex act.

According to TMZ:

…because there are reports that an old photo of a “young Arnold” performing a sex act has come to light. The photo is reportedly part of a treasure trove of artifacts that have been discovered in a storage space owned by late Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. According to the New York Post, the Arnold pic — along with a bunch of other VEERRRY interesting items — were discovered by a guy who went all “Storage Wars” and bought up a bunch of the lockers after Guccione went bankrupt. Among the treasures … unpublished nude pics of Madonna and Lauren Hutton … and Bob’s personal files detailing the situation surrounding his decision to publish pics of then-Miss America Vanessa Williams.


I would probably be interested to buy it for hundreds of dollars if Arnold still looked like the photo above.

I wouldn’t pay a penny for it now because in reality, Arnold Schwarzenegger now looks like the photo below:


Thanks.  But, No Thanks.

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