First trip of the year.


I held off any travel until this year. I had to make sure that I have budgeted for the trips I would like to take this year before I booked them.

Since I have worked in my company since I was two-years old, I have four weeks of paid vacation plush holidays and sick days. Yup, it took 20 years to accumulate that much vacation time and I am taking advantage of it.

My first trip this year is to Las Vegas, NV. I am spending a weekend in Sin City together with three of my friends. we plan on visiting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam in Arizona, and enjoy a night of Cirque du Soleil’s ZUMANITY.

This is just the first trip but I already have booked two other trips this year. The next quickie vacation will be in Los Angeles, CA to meet with my classmates from college. Then, I will be off to Rio de Janeiro once again – for the fifth time in my life. The Brazil trip will be my real vacation trip where I will spend two weeks in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. I can’t wait to see my Brazilian friends!

The last trip I have planned this year is a trip to the Philippines! Yup! I am invited to a wedding to be held in December. I will not make it there in time for Christmas but will surely spend the New Year in Manila. I have not spent the New Year in the Philippines in so long and this would be a grand ending for my 2013 travels.

My bucket list for next year? Australia!!!

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