Have you ever been annoyed by pretentious people?

I think one of the reasons I didn’t make a lot of friends while I lived in Los Angeles, CA was because I found that many Filipinos there are pretentious. Everything is like a competition to them. The car you drive, the clothes you wear, what job you do… all the nit-picking that annoyed the hell out of me…

The other day, I was talking to my friend Louis Vuitton Lover. He was telling me a story about a friend of his from England who made a comment about Downton Abbey whenever he posts something on his timeline about the show. (NOTE: We are one season behind from England here in the States. Season 3 already aired in England and had their finale last Christmas 2012)

Let me see if you can relate.

It’s our first time to see Season 3. Any event that we see each Sunday is new to all of us. We refuse to read blogs about Season 3 just so that we can avoid any spoilers and such.


Last Sunday, after the episode aired – most of the Downton Abbey fans here in the US were distressed about the story and how sad it was. Lady Sybil passed away during child birth.

Fast-forward to Tuesday (2 days later), Louis Vuitton Lover posted a status on his Facebook timeline saying that “Even after two days, I am still affected by this.” with an accompanying photo of Thomas, Lady Sybil and the newborn infant.

So, what does this friend from London do? He makes a comment saying, “This is so last season for us Brits.”

Kailangan ba talagang mag-comment ng ganun? And NOTE: “For us Brits”????? Excuse me?

He didn’t stop there. He followed up with a comment that said, “She’s not the only one who got killed off.”


So, LVL was furious and called me to vent out his anger. By the way, he already asked his friend before to not give out spoilers – pero sige pa rin ng sige!

I’m sorry. I have lived in the U.S. almost all my life and I have never even have the nerve to call myself “American” even though technically, I am.

Nakakimbyerna lang. I don’t know this person and I will probably not care if I don’t get to meet him in my future. What was he trying to prove really? That he’s better than us?

Why not comment like this: “Oh. I know. It was such a sad episode. Let me know what you think of the next episode. It gets exciting from here on out.”

Or this: “Of, LVL – this is the best season yet. I can’t wait for Season 4!”

Di ba mas maganda? Hindi yung nag-bibida-bida ka?

Yun lang pow.


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