AdBrite Shuts Down. Leaves Unpaid Publishers in the Dark.

3424v14-max-250x250 Well, that was it. Publishers of AdBrite ads were notified that the next-aleternative-ad-company to Google’s Adsense would be shutting down on February 1st. The note was short and sweet with no mention of what would happen to publishers’ unpaid earnings. I am one of them.

If you must know, doesn’t run Google Adsense ads anymore. I switched to Adbrite to give my blogs the opportunity to earn from difference ad networks. I was doing really well with AdBrite and all-in-all, it was a good run with them.

My volume had decreased in the last few months before they shut down so I wasn’t really affected that much with my unpaid earnings.

Were you a publisher? How much did you lose?

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6 Comments on "AdBrite Shuts Down. Leaves Unpaid Publishers in the Dark."

  1. $50, but still want it

  2. I lost over $200 – not only in unpaid earnings but also in the December cheque which bounced – causing me to hit by bank fees.

  3. Oh wow!! I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t even get my check for December. Now that I know the check bounced, it was probably better I didn’t. Hopefully your bank will forgive the fee.

  4. Mine was about the same. I also still want it but there’s nothing we can do, I guess. 🙁

  5. They wont forgive the fee sadly. It cost me €40 – €25 in the bounced cheque fee and the €15 charge I had to pay on initially presenting the cheque in the first place. They just dont forgive fees here. This is for a cheque sent out at beginning of December and was presented early January.

  6. chuvachienes | February 4, 2013 at 10:27 am |

    Oh that is sad. That’s a lot of money for a bounced cheque. Hope you can earn it somewhere else. I’m looking for alternatives now. Maybe Qadabra? Not sure how good it is though. We shall see. Goodluck to you!

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