My pre-ordered Season 3 DVD of Downton Abbey finally arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to watch it after all my errands were done.

I was all excited, posting a status on Facebook that I will finally get to see the end of what happened on Season 3, ahead of other Americans who are probably still wondering what would happen to the Grantham family and their estate.

I was met with disappointment after I saw the season finale, and wondered why such a tragic ending was chosen to end the season. Mind you, the finale aired during Christmas time in England. A season ending such as that would have made a few people dislike watching the world-famous PBS series.


After getting distressed about the death of Lady Sybil, shortly after giving birth to her daughter with ex-chauffer Tom Branson. That was the saddest episode of Donwton Abbey.

But then, here’s the unexpected. Matthew Crawley also dies shortly after his wife, Lady Mary gives birth to a baby boy. WHY?

Apparently, now that I am free to read Downton Abbey blogs, I find that Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) both wanted out of the series and therefore were not renewed. My question is, do they really have to kill them both off?


The only thing that saved the last episode for me was Tom Branson (Allen Leech) going shirtless.


And – – – if you noticed, like I did…. either he had a gun in his pocket while walking the family dog and heading to the pub, or they invented cell phones way earlier than we thought.



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