First Vacation of the Year.


When I agreed to travel to Las Vegas with a couple of my friends, the biggest thing that sold me to the trip was a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  It is a 5-hour drive from Las Vegas and even with that, I thought it would be fantastic to finally see it.

We were all excited because we only have a weekend to spend in both places but we knew little about what we were going to encounter when we got there.

When we were about to depart on Friday, February 8th, we heard on the news that there was a monster blizzard about to hit the East Coast.  They had named the monster snow storm, NEMO (pretty scary right?! LOL!)   We monitored the weather all throughout the day and wondered if our flight will be cancelled.  Numerous flights going north of New Jersey were being cancelled.  Our flight was on time.

We got to the airport with enough time to relax because the security lines we were expecting weren’t present due to the storm.  We went through security in a matter of minutes and stayed at the gate for a couple of hours with enough time to recharge out cell phones.


Clear skies were visible from our room.  It was going to be a great day.  We got up early enough to prepare for our drive to the Grand Canyon.

On our way out of Las Vegas, I was taking photos to share with you guys.


This was Paris hotel.  Yup – it’s a miniature Eiffel Tower.  I haven’t been to Paris yet so I thought, having a photo of the Eiffel Tower should be enough for this trip.  I will visit the real one some day – – but for now, this should suffice.


I’ve visited the Statue of Liberty in New York City when I was a child.  I have never been back since.  To see the statue up close in Vegas, was cute but it’s still not the real thing.  I am vowing that I will visit the Statue of Liberty in New York this summer.  It’s time to go back.


Our first stop:  The Hoover Dam.

I don’t know why this dam is so famous but it’s really nothing but a bridge looking over a body of water.  I guess it’s famous because of it being the biggest project and according to Wikipedia: Such a large concrete structure had never been built before, and some of the techniques were unproven.  Building the dam was difficult enough that it cost hundreds of lives lost during construction.  That’s all I know about the dam.


I tried my iPhone 5’s panoramic view.  It didn’t turn out so well.


It’s in the border between Arizona and Nevada.  So, there’s a time difference between the two states.  You can literally walk over the other side and be in another time zone.


I tried it one more time (panoramic view) and it still didn’t turn out well.

We decided it was time to leave and be on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We were met with this:





By this time, we knew that we couldn’t go on.  We were afraid that if and when we get to the Grand Canyon, the visibility would be so poor that we couldn’t take great pictures anyway.  So we decided to turn back around.


It was close to dinner time when we arrived back in Las Vegas.  So, what are Pinoys to do in Las Vegas?  Go to JOLIBEE!


And Red Ribbon for dessert!


Afterwards, we did the night walk on the strip.



And of course, what’s Las Vegas without gambling a little.


All in all, it was a great trip.

Oh and by the way, I went to the Louis Vuitton store and got myself a new wallet.




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