I have lots of stories to tell you about our mini-adventure trip to Las Vegas last weekend. I also have lots of photos to share with you but it will have to be another post.

The one exciting thing that we did in Las Vegas over the weekend was to see Zumanity – The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil. It takes an open mind to enjoy the show and if you’re not very open to sexual subjects, you may want to skip this one.

There were other choices for you to select. You can either see another Cirque du Soleil event such as Zarkana, The Beatles, or Chris Angel. There are plenty of other Concert Events to choose from such as Celine Dion Show which is a regular show in Vegas.

Whenever we were in the elevator, the sold out shows are shown on the mini TV screen such as One Direction’s concert. I can’t believe that the price begins at $319.00 and the concert is not until June. These kids are really raking it in! Pink is also coming to Las Vegas and so is Maroon 5.

You can really pick one that interests you from Featured Show Deals, to Broadway Musicals, Magic, Music, and Comedy. It’s your choice.

Next time I go, I will probably choose the Chris Angel show.

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