Funny Valentine’s SMS (Text) Messages.


It’s that time of year again when we think of that someone special (in my case, there are many! LOL!).

We try to find ways to express our love and devotion to the people we love (or admire). Sending a quick text message or SMS makes it more personal than simply posting it on Facebook.

So, here are a few funny and corny SMS (Text) Messages you can choose from to send to your other half.

Another month. Another year. Another smile. Another tear. Another winter & another summer too. But there can never be another u.

Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. u r that person!

Roses are red, violets are blue, the depth of my love? If you only knew!

We fight like a married couple,talk like BFFs,flirt like 1st loves & protect each other like siblings. We’re perfect! So will u be my valentines?

Roses are red, violets are blue,
The first time I saw you, my heart knew it was true!

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Onions stink.
And so do you.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Cashews are nuts.
And so are you.

Everyday we hear voices, some are really loud. But when you talk to me baby, your sweet voice drowns out the crowd!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
On this great day,
I’m thinking of you!

Love is the perfect crime… I steal your heart and you steal mine x

Every time I see u – I feel something in my heart,it’s like a little flame.I love u so much it now feels like there’s an inferno in my chest!

Roses are red
Lillies are white.
We’d make a great couple,
You know that I’m right.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like you more
Than you think I do!
…I love you xx

U R like ASTHMA,U take my breath away. U R like DANDRUFF,cant get u out of my head & U R like my HEARTBEAT – I cant live without u x

On Valentines Day I don’t send flowers
No words will dance on a pretty red card
Our love extends beyond just one day
You are my life… you are my heart

I can fake a smile when I feel sad, I can pretend to be happy when I feel bad, But 1 thing I can’t do, is pretend that I don’t love u.

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