Business venture.


If I was to get a motorcycle of my own, I would go with the most trusted brand in the world. Harley Davidson.

My friend that goes way back in college, married someone who was a dealer of parts for Harley Davidson. I can’t tell you how much money he made but he made a lot of money selling Harley motorcycles and parts. He lived in England back then but has moved his business here in the US.

There was a time back then that we thought Harleys will be a thing of the past. But, thanks to Harley Davidson’s marketing campaign, they got their good reputation back and is still one of the best and strong brands today.

There is one site which is a one-stop-shop for Harley lovers. They not only sell parts for harley davidson but also sell used and new Harleys. Check out the link and find the best prices for parts you need. Better yet, get yourself a brand new Harley if that is what you’re looking for.

If I had gone into business with my friend’s boyfriend (husband now….) back then, I could be sitting back now. She and her husband have moved to Florida to be close to family and we know that the British loves warm weather – so there.

I am thinking of going into business but I am not certain as to which industry just yet. Any suggestions?

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