I had a neighbor (a cute couple) once who are motorcycle enthusiasts. The guy started it all. I would always see him in the parking lot, cleaning his motorcycle – day-in and day-out. I sometimes wondered what he did for a living (he’s trained to be a physician) although I knew that his wife is a nurse and he was supposedly a doctor.

During the spring and summer months, I would always see him with cleaning rags and polish, making sure his motorcycle is shiny enough for use. I never really understood why you had to make it shiny when you have to use it on muddy roads anyway. There was more story to him than just cleaning his motorcycle all the time that I will have to tell you guys later.

One thing I was sure of is that he never rode his motorcycle without a helmet on. And a few months later, he surprised his wife with a motorcycle of her own. At first, I didn’t think that she would even use it. She’s a gorgeous and sexy Colombian girl, always dressed really nice with manicured nails and toe nails. She had the knack for interior design and I thought, “Hmmmm, she will never ride that bike.”

I was shocked when one day, I was talking to her and she told me that she has been riding her motorcycle and loves riding it. One time, they went to Atlantic City on each of their motorcycles (I couldn’t believe it!) and had a blast. They were both into motorcycle safety and he has always insisted that when they rode their bikes, that they had Motorcycle Helmets on.

I have always been against motorcycles. To me, it’s an accident waiting to happen. So, when my brother bought one, I wanted to make sure that he rides it safely and that he always wore a helmet. It’s dangerous enough to ride a motorcycle without a helmet on let alone without one.

So, as a gift, I was looking at Shoei Helmets that could probably suit his style. But, Shoei Neotec helmets are not your regular helmets. They are the ultimate helmets and you can tell by the amount it costs. For safety, I wouldn’t mind paying in the upwards of $300 – $700 dollars because I believe that your life is more precious than that. It may be too pricey for some but if you are looking for a good motorcycle helmet that will provide you total safety, I would recommend it.

The helmets can also be upgraded. You can have a fully removable interior, perfect vent design and a very comfortable liner.

I am not going to go out and buy a motorcycle because I love the helmets but for my brother, if I can at least ensure that he is safe when he is riding his bike – it will all be worth it for me.

The Colombian couple I was talking about earlier loved riding their motorcycles. One thing they both had in common. They recently got a divorce (more story to come) and the motorcycles were one of the few items in contention. i.e. Who’s going to get what etc…..

It was fun to see them ride those bikes while it lasted. I’m just sorry that their marriage didn’t last as long as their enthusiasm to ride bikes.

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