Vacation Needed.


My family’s first-ever reunion that was held in the Outer Banks last summer.  We had a blast.  Imagine a family as big as ours in one house for a whole week.  To some, you may be thinking chaos.  For us, it was simply magical.

The vacation was planned for a year and we had to book the house (if you can call it that – it has 5 bedrooms, two master bedrooms, a pool, and a theater room) a year in advance and we had to pay for the rent in eight months.  Yup, it cost us around $300 per adult and there were 25 of us.  Figure that one out.

It was well worth it though.  We were walking distance to the beach and my nephews and nieces arranged all the activities we had to do for the week including a night at the beach with a bonfire and smores.

Now, we are thinking ahead of our next reunion, planned for next year. I’m thinking of recommending a place around the same area. It would be fantastic if we could get the same deal again. Maybe rent a home to accommodate all of us. Hilton head island home rentals provide a listing of rental properties in the area. From looking at the website, I can already tell that we will not be bored at all. There are golf courses (my brother-in-law would love that!), tennis facilities and if you like nature, you can enjoy a variety of wildlife that includes Loggerhead Sea Turtles, dolphins, manatees and hundreds of species of birds.

The beautiful year-round climate is impeccable as well. Not too hot during the summer months and around the 60s during the winter months.

When it’s time for us to vote, I will definitely recommend Hilton Head, SC.

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