I miss my maid.


It has been more than a couple of years since I had a maid who cleans my house every week. She was the best maid I have ever had and she’s from Brazil. I didn’t know why it only took her a couple of hours to clean my whole house from top-to-bottom until I stayed home one day to witness how she did it.

She had a team of three people who will come in and turn my house upside down to clean every nook and cranny from the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. I watched them efficiently cleaned every space.

But, when the recession hit, I had to cut some costs. Unfortunately, she was part of my cost-cutting. I have since lost contact with her and now I can’t find her number to get her back. So, for the past few weeks, I have been trying to find a maid that would be as reliable and as efficient as her team was.

Handybook home cleaning is a website where one can search for a plumber or a maid to clean your home. You can book a home cleaner within 90-seconds with a pre-approved professional home cleaner or handyman. Note that a survey conducted early this year showed that one of the biggest complaint about maids is their tardiness. (I didn’t have that problem with my Brazilian maid). Imagine waiting for a contractor to come to your house with a 3-hour window. That is a lot of time wasted waiting for someone. I could do my grocery shopping for a week in less than the amount of time I have to wait for someone to clean my house.

This year, I need to hire someone for spring cleaning. It doesn’t seem spring yet because of the freezing weather but I can assure you, spring will be here sooner than you expected.

I have allocated some funds to get my house in order before Spring. How about you?

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