Reunion Votes Have Started.


I spoke to my sister just yesterday and I brought up our plans for the next family reunion and to get the location search started. Places that you need to book, specially rental places are usually booked one year ahead of time. And if we don’t act fast, our 2014 Family Reunion may not come to fruition.

We talked about a couple of places including hilton head island in South Carolina, a possible cruise to the Caribbean, or a trip to Orlando, Florida.

She told me that we need to get the poll ready for each member of the family to cast a vote. We will pick five places and get the place with the majority of the votes received.

The most important things to ask are:

  • Is the place equipped to handle such a large family? (I come from a family of 10 children)
  • Will the accommodation include starter supplies? (i.e. paper towels, toilet papers, etc.)
  • Is the place pet-friendly? (Most of us have pets and if we are to stay at a place for a week, we may need to bring our pets with us)

These are just a few questions we need to ask before we secure a place.

I will let you guys know which location we picked. At best, we need to put a down payment to the place and start a monthly collection to ensure that the place is secured and ready for our family.

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