My new addiction. Candy Crush!


I don’t know about all of you but I rarely play online games. I can blame my friend from Singapore for getting me into playing Candy Crush. It’s totally taken over my life! Ha!

It took me a while to get to the level that I’m in but there were levels that I had been stuck in for over two weeks. I was stuck at level 34 and have finally been able to get through it over the weekend. It may have something to do with me playing on my iPhone versus playing on my iPad.

I got two other friends to play the same game while we were traveling in Las Vegas two weeks ago. And now, both of them have surpassed me! Darn it!

Anyone out there playing Candy Crush?! Friend me on Facebook. We can give each other lives and help each other move on to the next level.

Warning: Only play this game if you have enough time in your life to waste. Ha! There were days when I have played for hours and got nothing productive done.

Today – I am pausing from playing and going to the gym. You have to know when to stop. LOL!

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