Global News about the Philippines: PH to start exporting rice this year (2013)

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There’s nothing else that warms my heart other than hearing great news about the Philippines. There has nothing but great news about the Philippines lately when it comes to the economy. Dubbed as the new Asian Tiger, Philippines has been attracting global investors in an accelerated pace.

Most recently, Australia has now been allowed to cold-treat produce while in-transit to the Philippines. This agreement will help reduce costs for both countries and can guarantee that produce will arrive in a much better condition.

The Philippines used to be one of the biggest rice importer in the world. A country who should be exporting rice was a reality that the Aquino administration took to heart. The administration targeted 2013 for the country to be rice self-sufficient and they have met their goal. We are now going to export rice once again. The country will start exporting 10MT of organic and colored rice to Macau and Hong Kong. The Philippines aims to export more rice in the coming years with a goal of exporting 300,000 MT by the year 2016.

In the meantime, Catholics in the Philippines are praying for a smooth succession as the cardinals meet at the Vatican to elect a new Pope. Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation and stepped down as Pope on February 28th.

“I have been praying for a new pope to be just like Pope John Paul II, who was close to the people and was very humble,” said Charlene Bautista, an insurance broker.

Filipino Cardinal Antonio Luis Tagle is one who has been regarded as a possible candidate to succeed Pope Benedict and has gotten the country’s faithful excited. The Philippines is pre-dominantly Catholic and looks to the Pope so much for direction.

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