Waw Ha Willie! (WOWOWILLIE)


Oh hi!!

I missed the war-freakiness of Willie Revillame. Maybe it’s because TV5 is not televised internationally. But hey, that’s beside the point. The point is, nothing much has changed when it comes to Willie Revillame.

The video was shown to me last Friday by a source but I couldn’t blog about it right away dahil busy ang lola ninyo! Haha!

The thing is… Willie has already displayed his arrogance many times before. The words he dropped on live television against Ate Gay and Ethel Booba may have been deserved but on national television? Even simple ethics dictate that if you are the boss and you have something to say to your employees, whether it be a disciplinary measure or whatever else, you take them inside an office or a conference room and discuss the matter privately.

Why the outburst? Publicity stunt? Not much news about Wowowillie on the international scale? Who knows.

Here’s the video of the scandal that rocked the blogosphere yet again.

What’s more fun is the spoof by Vice Ganda… Ha!

Here’s the video:

I wonder how Willie will react?? Or has he already reacted?

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