#CokeLightMJ – Marc Jacobs for Coca-Cola light!


Coca-Cola light is celebrating their 30th year anniversary, and they are doing it big! This year Marc Jacobs have been named the Creative Director of the brand, designing a collection of bottles and featuring in a playful and fashionable campaign as well as two short films that you can view here. Marc Jacobs himself says that collaborating with such an icon as Coca-Cola light is a privilege. We think that Coca-Cola light and Marc Jacobs are a perfect match!

Blogger Susie Lau is another fan, stating that “The decision to drink Coca-Cola light felt like an empowering statement on my part, attaching myself to what I perceived to be a glossy image of fashion, grown-up sophistication and glamour. From my ten-pound-a-week pocket money, buying and drinking a Coca-Cola light felt like a modest luxury, a simple pleasure that had all these aspirational connotations of being an empowered, sparkling woman who had an important part to play in the world.”


All three cans from the ‘Sparkling together with Marc Jacobs’ collection will be available in Europe, giving collectors and other enthusiasts the opportunity to get ahold of the designer goods! In Sweden the cans will be available in all three designs, starting with the ‘I heart the 80s’ can. The worlds best selling low calorie drink just turned into a whole lot more than a thirst quencher…

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Sparkling Together Party - London

Last night the collaboration was celebrated with a party in London and it was a celebrity-packed and sparkling event! The three bottles designed by Marc Jacobs was uncovered and represented by models Ginta Lapina, Lily McMenamy and Eliza Cummings, dolled up in pieces showcasing the three decades of Coca-Cola light. View more photos from the party here.

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