Piano Lessons.


I grew up in a home with a piano. Yes. My grandmother was a kindergarten teacher. She had a small classroom built on the side of our home where she would hold several classes throughout the day. In the afternoon, after her classes were done and after she’s had lunch,she will sit at the piano and play. I loved listening to her play music usually heard at church or during processions.

We all loved it. Each of us would play the piano just to play. Most of her grandchildren didn’t take piano lessons. We could all play by listening to a song and playing them. When cousins would visit, they will do the same thing. Sit by the piano and play.

Now that we’re all grown up, most of my cousins and my siblings wanted to send their children to take piano lessons simply because it is part of our family. It’s a memory we all cherish.

One of my cousins was plucked out of New York and now lives in California. She only has one daughter and just like our grandma, she would like her daughter to learn how to play the Piano. A quick Google search for “Piano Teachers Santa Clara” could
give you a list of piano teachers in the area. She lives in the Santa Clara area. A beautiful place in Southern California. It’s a bit of a drive from downtown Los Angeles but it’s spacious and nice. More like the suburbs. If I ever move back to the West Coast, I would probably reside somewhere in that area or down in San Diego.

Just like my cousin though, I’ve learned to play the piano as well and would sometime get the itch to play. Instead of buying a piano, I bought a keyboard. Whenever I feel the urge to play, I simply go to the next room and play. I like it. One day, when I get a real house, I will probably buy a piano. Someday.

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3 Comments on "Piano Lessons."

  1. Lolllllsssss. Pepe and pilar!!!

    In my bucket list – learn 1 piano piece

  2. Flanggana!!! Hahaha! Hanggang ngayon rumaraket pa rin.. LOL!

  3. ikaw na pumepepe 🙂 hahaha gusto ko rin nyan piano kaso matigas daliri ko hahahah

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