Déjà vu: Kris Aquino is leaving showbiz. Again. Tsk Tsk Tsk. (VIDEO)


The escalation of Kris Aquino’s feud with her ex-husband, professional basketball player James Yap reportedly fueled her decision to leave show business. She filed a temporary protection order (TPO) against her ex-husband after reportedly being

“I’m tendering my resignation. Sa puso ng isang nanay, ito ang dinidikta sakin (this is what a heart of a mother dictates). I’m giving up my shows. I have to do what’s best for my son (James “Bimby” Aquino-Yap) & that means sacrificing my job.”

Aquino says her sisters cautioned her against the move because of contractual obligations but she insists her obligations as a mother are more important.

James Yap
had a press conference on Wednesday, March 20 to clear his name. He hinted that the mega endorser Queen of Talk is brainwashing their child (Bimby) to lose his affection for him.

A hold departure order was also filed by James Yap’s camp to disallow Kris from taking their son Bimby out of the country. Kris and her two sons are scheduled to leave the country on March 23rd.

Didn’t Kris Aquino quit showbiz before? How big of a drama is this going to get? Let’s wait and see.


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4 Comments on "Déjà vu: Kris Aquino is leaving showbiz. Again. Tsk Tsk Tsk. (VIDEO)"

  1. That’s right Kris, just be quiet and at peace nalang. There are more problems in the Philippines that we have to focus on. There are a lot more Filipinos out there dealing greater problems than yours. Give way to what is more pressing. Filipinos don’t deserve to hear more from your own personal issues. You can solve your personal problems by yourself. Why is this news such a head line??????

  2. Naku! Nagdramadramahan na naman si Kris!Porke alam nyang hawak nya ang media.OA naman masyado.Masyado syang madrama at paiyak-iyak pa sya.

  3. Enough of your drama Kris A. Yes, just leave show business.

  4. The Philippines has more vital issues and problems than yours. Yes, your decision of leaving show business is great. You and James Yap should settle your issues privately. Your drama never ends . . .from having STD from Joe Marquez, etc., etc.. ENOUGH already.

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