Showbiz Inside Report : John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. (VIDEOS) – Kilig!


One love team in Philippine cinema today that makes my heart skip a beat is that of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Gernonimo. Something about their chemistry that catches the heart of their audience and love team fans all over the world.

You can see the way they interact with each other that there is something special between them. Call it a brother-sister love, call it BFF, or call it any way you want to call it but it’s the secret of their box-office successes.

Sarah Geronimo is the ever-protected daughter who I’m sure have fallen in love in the past but have never been allowed to go into a relationship pre-maturely. And John Lloyd is the ever-adorable guy who looks so innocent and so pure that any parent would probably give away their daughter to if given the chance.

Watch this adorable interview as they promote their new film, It Takes a Man and a Woman scheduled for release on March30th.. LOVE IT!

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