Facebook Turns RED for Marriage Equality


By now, everyone you know – may have found out the change in profile photos on Facebook by some or most of your friends.  It is a sign of support for Marriage Equality.

At first, I didn’t want to change my profile photo simply because I have co-workers as friends in my Facebook account and if I change a profile photo, there are no privacy settings I could set.  A profile photo is public.  I just didn’t want my co-workers to know my business outside of work.  I’m not denying I’m gay, I just didn’t want them to discuss it with me.

By the end of the arguments / hearings by the Supreme Court yesterday, I’ve seen many of my straight friends have turned their profile to a logo similar to the one above.  It got me thinking.  Why can they be proud of supporting marriage equality and I can’t?

So today, I changed my profile photo – – – Marriage Equality ALL THE WAY!

Here are some of the profile photos I’ve seen.  I’m telling you – gays can be creative. LOL!

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