Kris Aquino – Scandals. Why this is news.

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The many faces of Kris Aquino crying on national television is not something new to the Filipino people.  In fact, Kris Aquino has mastered the art of airing her grievances about anything on television – live and on air.

This is the craft that has help retain her title as “Queen of All Media” because she knows how to manipulate the media to her favor.

Reminiscent of 2003, with her public outcry over Joey Marquez and the incident that happened between the two of them behind closed doors – Kris is once again, almost 10 years to the day, acting out against a different man this time.  This time, it’s Kris Aquino versus James Yap.

What do you think is behind all these?  Is it a publicity stunt?  Why does she keep on airing her dirty laundry in public?  Is it because she knows that this is what a voyeuristic nation wants to see?

The timeline between Kris Aquino vs Joey Marquez and Kris Aquino vs James Yap seems to have been well-crafted that it serves to win sympathy for Kris and hatred for whomever she is up against.

Remember when she appeared on television in 2003 with mother, then-President Corazon Aquino?  This time, she appeared live on air with her sisters.

Because people want to know the sordid details about her life, they tune in whenever she’s on television.  They want to hear what train wreck of a statement is she going to release next.  It’s our fascination for watching a celebrity experience the same things we experience.  Maybe, it’s our way of saying to ourselves, “See, they go through the same things we go through!”.

Regardless, Kris Aquino knows how to manipulate the media.  She is using the media to her advantage and has proven to be successful at it.  Even after all these public tantrums and tearful confessions, Kris manages to gain the respect of companies willing to ask for her endorsement of their products.

She is not boring.  She entertains us well with her antics and her craziness.  That’s what makes Kris Aquino Scandals – NEWS.

Here are the many faces of the crying Kris Aquino on national TV.







Kris Aquino weeps while her brother Senator Aquino III listens during a memorial service for their late mother former Philippine president Aquino at Manila Cathedral

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