Diogo Morgado. Jesus on Epic Mini Series “The Bible”


I was at a birthday party two weeks ago. We talked about the epic mini series put out by the History Channel which has become their number one hit this year, garnering record number of viewers. Honestly, I watched the first installment and was fascinated by it. I wasn’t able to follow through though cause I’ve been very busy every weekend.

The topic of watching the mini series came to a screeching halt when my friends started talking about how HOT Jesus was on the series. Ano ba?! Haha!

So, I decided to do a little research on our Jesus from “The Bible”. His name is Diego Morgado. The name alone spells sexiness. It didn’t sound right that my friends were fantasizing about Jesus but now I know why.

When I googled his name, I found out that he’s a famous Portuguese actor. He’s got a son already and was in a relationship with Sofia Duarte Silva. He’s fluent in English, French and Portuguese. Como vai?!!!

Here’s a mini biography from IMDB:

Diogo Morgado is a household name as one of Portugal’s top actors with a career spanning over 16 years in top tv, film and stage productions, including a lead role in the #1 rated Portuguese series “Laços de Sangue” which won the 2011 International Emmy for Best soap opera. Diogo is now transitioning into the American market portraying the powerful role of Jesus Christ in the epic 10 hour mini-series “The Bible” produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and premiering March 3, 2013 on The History Channel. Diogo began his career at the age of fifteen where he joined the cast of top rated soap operas and series like “Terra Mãe” (1998), “Diário de Maria” (1998), “A Lenda da Garça” (2000) and “A Febre do Ouro Negro” (2000). His performance as Miguel in the 2000 telefilm “Amo-Te, Teresa” earned Diogo high regard as one of the most promising actors of his generation. Diogo has worked consistently in Portuguese television with over 15 series regular roles many with the distinguished S.I.C. network. Diogo’s film credits include a noteworthy performance in the title role of Portuguese dictator Antonio De Oliveira Salazar in the hit feature film “A Vida Privada De Salazar”. Diogo is also a passionate theater actor and had lead roles in prestigious plays such as David Hare’s “Skylight” and Peter Shaffer’s “The Royal Hunt to the Sun”. Beyond Portugal, Diogo has had lead roles in a few international films like Spain’s “Dos Rivales Casi Iguales” and “Miami Blue” and Brazil’s “Revelação” and “The Jungle”. Most recently, Diogo wrapped lead roles in two independent films in the U.S–the gritty urban drama “Red Butterfly” and the action filled adrenaline movie “Born to Race: Fast Track”. “Red Butterfly” and “Born to Race: Fast Track” along with “The Bible” are all set to be released in 2013 so Diogo will hit the American market in a varied range of roles–a morally conflicted Hell’s Kitchen musician struggling to make the right choices in life as he unwillingly gets caught in a series of tragic events (“Red Butterfly”), a cocky and privileged race car driver who will stop at nothing to be number one (“Born To Race: Fast Track”) and Jesus Christ (“The Bible”).

He was not the first hunk who played Jesus though. Remember Jim Caviezel from Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ?

Here are photos:


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