BANDS: On the road.


Oh, the life of a musician.

It’s probably not obvious to us from the outside looking in.  Bands who are trying to make it in the music world go through a lot before they make it big.  And when they make it big, the next task is to stay big.  Otherwise, they will be a one-album or one-song wonder.

If the musician is as large as One Direction or Justin Bieber, they probably don’t worry about their equipment as much as the smaller bands out there who are starting off playing in bars and clubs across the country. If you know how much their equipment costs, you would probably say that it will take them years to recoup the amount of money they’ve spent on their equipment.

I remember one time when I had to clear the band equipment of Better Than Ezra through U.S. Customs while I was living in Los Angeles and the band’s leader was yelling at me because one of his guitars was rerouted by a forwarding company that was delayed due to overbooked flights.  He was more concerned about his guitar getting lost or damaged than being able to perform in their next gig.  Unfortunately, there was nothing I can do to locate or speed up the delivery of his guitar because it was handled by an outside forwarding company that ships their stuff together with U.S. Mail.  This was during the holidays.  And if you must know, U.S. Mail takes priority over any other cargo in a plane.  So, the guitar keeps getting bumped.  The band leader was livid and he was venting his frustrations at me.

Drum Cases and guitar cases are definitely necessary to protect their equipment from damage.  There are companies who provide professional service in moving band equipment all over the world.  Yet, regardless of how good a company you hire to handle the transportation of your equipment, without the proper protective cases, your equipment is still bound to get damaged in transit.

The Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Justin Biebers of the world need not worry about it because all they have to do is show up.  The rest is handled for them.  For small bands, or bands who are just starting off with their career and have to lug their equipment with them on a tour bus, it’s a must to have protective cases for them.

Are you a small band who is just starting out?  Which company do you rely on with regards to your drum cases and guitar cases?  Please do share your comments below so we can help out in our own little way by providing this information to whomever needs it.

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