Jessica Sanchez on Glee: First Photo with Darren Criss


It is no surprise that American Idol Season 11 Runner-up Jessica Sanchez posts a photo of herself with Glee member (seen here with Darren Criss).  She is going to appear on the hit show Glee similar to Charice Pempengco when she appeared as a Filipina exchange student on the show.

According to Wetpaint:

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is currently filming a guest role on Glee, and the 17-year-old just posted the very first photo of herself on set.

Oh, and did we mention that she just so happens to be getting a hug from the adorable Darren Criss (Blaine)? Color us jealous. Possibly more jealous than we have been in our entire lives.

Jessica makes her Glee debut in May 9’s Season 4 finale,  Episode 22: “All Or Nothing,” where she’ll play Frida Romero, the lead singer of a rival glee club called The Hoosierdaddies. The New Ds face off against Frida and her crew at Regionals, and given what we’ve heard about “many cliffhangers” in the finale, we’d say there’s a pretty strong possibility that she’ll be coming back for more episodes next season.

Fun fact: Jessica and Darren are both half-Filipino. Both of their mothers are Filipino, while Darren’s dad is Irish and Jess’s dad is Mexican.

So far, little is known about who Jessica’s character will interact with during her time on Glee. She could have lots of scenes with Blaine, or she might just be a really big Darren Criss fan. Personally, we’re hoping its a little bit of both!

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