Part of Your World. Little Mermaid.


I’m an uncle again.  What’s more fun is that I’m an uncle to a baby girl – – Charlotte Isadora.

What I love about baby girls is that you can dress them up and give them fun little presents.  One of my favorite Disney films is “Little Mermaid” – – figures huh?!  LOL!  One of my favorite songs in the film is “Part of Your World”.    I love singing that song with my nieces.  Even though I lack the effeminate gestures to sing the song completely in chorus with my girls, we still enjoy it a lot.

Today, my co-worker just told me that they translate cartoons into native languages and they do this by dubbing the film instead of putting captions.  It makes a lot of sense since most kids watching cartoons don’t know how to read yet.

For fun, I Googled “Part of Your World” on Youtube and a slew of videos with translations came up.  Here are my faves.  I think the best one is “French”.




Chinese POP Version


Broadway Version

Darren Criss

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