UPDATE:  I was going to totally remove this post from my blog but decided against it at the last minute.  The reason why I thought of removing it was the fact that I was promoting someone who I thought was going to be a motivator but turned out to be a “demotivator”.   After promoting him and giving a shoutout for him on my Instagram account, he decided to block me from all connections including Twitter.  I have no idea why and for reasons I cannot comprehend.  We had a great conversation on KIK and it seemed genuine and stuff but it turned out to be fake

I will post it anyway because I am good with my word – unless I get a request from him otherwise to remove this post.

Why?  I think, this is the reason why – but I’m not going to jump to that conclusion.


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I am keeping my side of the bargain.


I have always gone to the gym since I was 18-years old.  My sister at the time thought that it would be a great idea to transform my scrawny self to a Hans / Franz type of monster so she enrolled me at a local racquetball club with my nephew.    She took us there three times a week.  I bulked up like you would not believe – just like any 18-year old out there.  I started feeling confident about myself and I wanted to go more and more.  Until she cancelled the membership after the six-month membership expired.  I didn’t have a job yet so I couldn’t rejoin the gym.  I found myself a job, rejoined and have been going to the gym on and off since then.

I recently quit smoking and the only thing that kept me from smoking was to keep myself busy.  The one way I found to keep my mind and body occupied?  Go to the gym.

I have enjoyed it more now that I ever had before.  I am seeing results that helps motivate me to become better and bigger.  I want to lose weight and then gain the muscle I need to perform well and look great.

I have an Instagram account.  Through my account, I follow fitness gurus and other people starting out to become great bodybuilders.  One guy followed me.  He’s a 20-year old body builder (physique competitor) from Michigan.  His name is Matt Majors (photo above).   He commented on my post about working out.  One way or another, we got connected and through KIK, we were able to talk.  He gave me some very sound advice about diet and exercise.  For a 20-year old guy, he knows exactly what he’s talking about and as you can see from the photo above, you know he’s doing it right as well.

So, he sent me a copy of his diet (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  Gave me a few advice in calorie intake and meal preparation.


Hence, the great results if you plan your meals properly and eat clean.


He requested that we do an exchange.  I will do a shoutout for him to my followers, on Instagram  and in turn, he will give me tips and help motivate me to continue training and eventually build a better body for myself.

If you all could do me a favor.  Follow him on Instagram.  His account is @mativation. (Now you know that I didn’t spell the title of this post incorrectly.  There was a reason for it! LOL!) You can also use KIK to contact him directly with any concerns regarding fitness and body building.  Please note that he is a straight guy and an awesome one.  Kindly not ask him anything else unrelated to fitness and diet.  We don’t want to turn him off.  He is really willing to help.

He also has a Twitter account.  Follow @TheNotFakeMatt.  He’s got some very hilarious post and some looping videos as well.

From speaking with him briefly on KIK, I was able to get so motivated that I took some pre-workout 10 minutes later and was off to the gym in 20 minutes.  I did a killer work out at the gym for about an hour.

So, if you’re ready to take your fitness goals to another level, follow people like Matt Majors.  They will inspire you and are willing to share their secrets with you in order for you to be successful.


Have a great week folks!!

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