Brazil and Music.


One thing that I love about Brazil is the nightlife.   Like many European cities, their nightlife doesn’t start until 12:00 or 1:00  in the morning.  You will see nothing but empty clubs before that time.  But once it starts pumping, you can never get enough of it and you end up staying until 8:00 in the morning, having a ball and dancing to awesome music mixes.

The music mixes in Brazil are amazing.  I rarely hear those types of music here in the US, except probably in Miami where there is a big Brazilian population.   Every time we go to clubs in Brazil, we end up forking out $20 dollars and ask the DJ to make us a copy of the music they are playing.

I’ve met a well known DJ there while staying in Sao Paulo for the first time.  His name is DJ Pitt Garcia (pictured above).  He does it for a living and quite honestly, he’s really good at it.  He travels all over Brazil, with his DJ Cases and play for clubs everywhere.  The dance floors in Brazilian clubs are huge!  Take The Week for example.  They have one in Rio and one in Sao Paulo but both are huge!  They have different floors and different music mixes for each section.  You can dance to whatever type of music you love.

As you may have known, I am going there again this month.  It’s my fifth year in a row.  I usually go there for my birthday to meet friends and have a blast with them, going to clubs and hanging out at the beach.  I know that we’re going to have the DJ burn us more music to take home with us.  I will share it on this blog once I get it.

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