I was in Los Angeles, CA last weekend to meet with college classmates.  It was a mini-reunion since there were only five of us.  The reunion, although small, was a blast.

You have to know that we have graduated from college 26 years ago.  You do the math.  (But, you have to remember – I finished college at 4-years old! Haha!)

It was refreshing to find that almost all of us are successful.  Some of our classmates took a different path than what we studied for in college and some took the straight path to become physicians like we all intended to be during that time in our lives.  I could say that a third of our classmates ended up as physicians both in the Philippines and abroad.  But some, including myself, took a different path.  I went into business like some of us and others went into something else more surprising – – Flight Attendants.

While we were in Los Angeles, we were given a tour by one of our classmates who lives there.  His flat was of good size and neatly put together.  His living room could use a bit more liveliness and several of us thought that a piano might be the answer.

None of us were familiar with the piano market in LAX but we thought we’d give the search a try just to see what is available for sale by seaching, “Used Pianos Los Angeles” on Google.

You would be amazed at the results. We found guides to buying a piano, piano seller’s guides, and many others.  We also found that Asian-made pianos are no longer inferior in quality like it used to be.  Pianos made from Korea and China can now compete with the best piano brands made in Europe or America.

My classmate is not musically inclined but I encouraged him to try and take piano lessons – even for beginners.  I enjoy playing my keyboard but I think it would be best if I get a piano myself.

I wonder if I could get one for a good price.  Hmmm.

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