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I never liked Angelina Jolie.  I can admit that she’s a terrific actress, a beautiful woman, a great philanthropist and surely, a wonderful mother.  I applaud her in all that.  What I didn’t like is what she had done to the marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.  Regardless of who’s at fault between Brad and Jen’s relationship when it fell apart, Angelina Jolie should have had the sense to step back until everything was over before she swooped in.  But that’s for another topic.  The topic I am about to talk about right now is her recent disclosure that she had double mastectomy operation to reduce her chances of getting breast or ovarian cancer.  Another trait of her that I admire.

When she wrote the op-ed piece on the New York Times, entitled: My Medical Choice, I couldn’t help but admire her for highlighting the issue that affects many women where about half a million die from it each and every year – breast cancer.  My sister and my aunt are survivors of breast cancer and currently, my niece who is only 27-years old was diagnosed three years ago and is currently under remission.

The choice of having a gene test to see if you have a defect on BRCA1 gene could be costly.  According to Angelina, it costs $3,000 dollars here in the US to have the test performed.  Can you just imagine how much this test would cost in developing countries?  It is already an expensive test here in the US, how much more for people living in poor countries.

By her highlighting the issue and putting it out there, it may help organizations and the medical community to find ways to make this type of testing available to the average person all over the globe.  If what Angelina was told was true that her chances of getting breast cancer a 87% was brought down to 5% because of the surgery, many women would probably get the test done and undergo double mastectomy if they can afford it.

Like I said, I never liked Angelina Jolie.  And I probably still don’t.  But I applaud her for what she has done and will continue to applaud her for her charity works with the UN.    Apparently, other women have done it as well.  But, with Angelina Jolie’s celebrity status, it has become worldwide news.   Thank you Angelina.

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