My short trip to Rio de Janeiro…


I have been to Brazil many times before.  Four times to be exact.  It is a country that I’ve learned to love as my own because of its culture and its people.  An added bonus is the beauty of the country’s landscape and the people’s hospitality and love of cuisine and music.

Each time we visit Brazil, we make it a point to visit cathedrals and churches.  Brazil has a large Catholic population and I love going to churches and cathedrals simply because of its artwork and solemnity.

This time, we visited a cathedral that we visited once before.  The Catedral Metropolitan de Sao Sebastiao.  It’s located right in the heart of downtown Rio de Janeiro and you couldn’t miss it. It’s modern architecture is much noticeable from afar and one would simply be drawn to enter its gates to find out what it looks like from the inside.

When we entered the church, we could hear the applause of the people attending some kind of a service we thought.  We didn’t realize that there was an organ concert going on until we saw the sign posted above.  We decided to sit down and listen to the music while solemnly saying a short prayer.  The music was magical.  It made me want to continue the organ lessons that I took many many years ago at the Yamaha School of Music in Makati.

That’s when the thought entered my mind.  I’ve learned to play the organ quite easily but I never really learned how to play the piano.  I’ve always imagined having a home and owning a piano.  That hasn’t materialized just yet.  I actually don’t know how much a piano would cost.  I do own a keyboard for now just so that I can continue playing but I would eventually want to learn how to play the piano. Piano Sales in my area are quite good.  I would really love to own a mini grand piano and I would prefer owning a Steinway.

The question is, do I have the time right now to spend learning how to play the piano?  The answer is no.  This fall, I would be enrolled again to take additional classes so I can complete the course that I have been taking for years now.  Piano lessons would have to wait.  For the meantime, I can still continue to enjoy listening to concerts.  When I do find the time, I will take lessons.   I will learn how to play the piano someday.

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