The times… they are a changing… – Bob Dylan.


The evolution of the American Family.

If someone had told me years ago that I may be able to witness the United States legalize gay marriage, I would have probably said that he was out of his mind.   Majority of the folks outside the United States probably believe that it is a liberal country.  In reality, it is still very much a conservative country when it comes to traditions and family values.   But the times are changing.  And it’s for the better.

Just last month, Minnesota became the 12th state to approve same-sex marriage.  Yes, the 12th state. Although it’s quite a number, we still have 38 states to go.  If the trend continues, more states could follow.

I read an article today that a gay high school couple were voted as “the cutest couple” at Carmel High School in New York and they instantly became an internet sensation.  The couple have said that they get teased a lot about winning the title but not about their relationship.  They even said that they were being told by peers before the voting ended that “they were going to win, hands down”.

You see, there are many changes affecting the American Family.  Many choose to settle down later in life today than they did years ago.

The evolution is very interesting and if you would like to check out the facts, you can visit this site:  The Evolution of the American Family.  It’s a good resource for facts that would give you an overview on how the American Family is changing.

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