I Love Prince Harry!


It’s not like I didn’t love Prince Harry before this. I have always adored him (who doesn’t?).

But reports have now surfaced that Prince Harry protected a gay soldier from a homophobic attack.

This comes after an article written in the Armed Forces magazine about Trooper James Wharton who claimed that Prince protected him from being battered by six soldiers who threatened him.

According to his statement, after reporting to the Prince of the threat saying, “I think I’m going to be murdered by the infantry,” Prince Harry took action and “sorted things out” by reporting the incident to a senior official and assured the gay soldier that everything had been “sorted” out.

This comes as no surprise since Princess Diana, a gay icon, probably raised his kids with the awareness that everyone is equal. Princess Diana helped raise awareness about AIDS and made people less afraid of the disease once she was seen visiting AIDS hospices and touching and talking to AIDS patients.

Kudos Prince Harry! This is the more reason you and Prince William have become gay icons like your mother.

We love you!


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