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I was never a fan of GMA 7.  I don’t have a subscription for it like I have for ABS-CBN.  But this new show may just make me subscribe.  My Husband’s Lover – starring Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez.

It’s not the typical love story you witness but it exists more than anyone will ever know.  Sometimes, it goes deeper than just an extra marital affair.  Husbands leave wives for another man.  It happens. I wonder if the Filipino audience is ready for this.

And why would I subscribe to GMA 7?  First of all, I am a Kuh Ledesma fan.  We share the same Alma Mater and I’ve seen her more than three times in concert.  I can’t believe how great she looks today!  She portrays the role of Elaine.


And who can say they never had a crush on Dennis Trillo.  Now, he plays a role of a gay lover as Eric.


And Tom Rodriguez as Vincent!! Where did he come from?  He is hot!



And Carla Abellana as Lally – the betrayed wife!


The rest of the characters are also portrayed by actors whom I like. Chanda Romero for one!


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The show already premiered last June 10th and I’m probably behind now but I am calling my cable company tonight to subscribe.  It’s very rare that GMA 7 comes up with plots that I am interested in.  This is one of them.

Here’s the trailer:

Of course, you can follow the show on Facebook:

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2 Comments on "My Husband’s Lover – GMA 7"

  1. Please tell gma7 not to end MHL this early. So many unresolved issues like who will account for the shooting of Paul, what happens to Martin, Lally deserves some happiness, etc etc. An abrupt ending makes me feel abandoned . . . . . . I simply love my husband’s lover. Great act Tom!!!! Please, please, please. Lets file a petition if needed…..

  2. what is this show aiming for? so, if my son is having a sexual relationship with another man..should i just say “great, son! i hope he has marriage in mind too!” is this GMA’s aim in giving us this show? don’t get me wrong..i am a big fan of GMA. i only watch GMA shows..but …is this right?

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