Farewell Brazil. Olympics and World Cup? Naaaahhh!


My love affair with Brazil may have just ended.

Many of you know (at least for those of you who follow my blog), that I was totally taken by Brazil.  I first visited Brazil in May of 2009 and I fell in love with the people and the country.  That is when my affair with Brazil started.  I couldn’t seem to get enough of the country that I visited again and again for the next four years.

I’ve met many friends there and honestly, I wouldn’t trade my experience in Brazil for anything.  It was still the best experience I’ve had in my travels and I’ve met the most wonderful people in the process.  I will always love Brazil and Brazil will be my second home next to the Philippines but for now, I must bid farewell.

Farewell how?

Well, I have met many people there and many of them are genuine people who care and love me just as much as I care for them.  But there were people as well who simply took advantage of my kindness.  Understandably, as much as Brazil is a developing country with an emerging economy, it’s still a country plagued with poverty.  Poverty is one of the biggest problems in Brazil – due to corruption in the government. I wouldn’t blame the people whom I’ve met who did nothing but expect to be handed help because that’s all they know. Most of them live that way and they will lie through their teeth just so that they can get your money. It’s no different anywhere else but I cared for these people – I trusted them. Anyway, that will be for another blog post.

Now, you say that the Olympics and World Cup will change all that.  They are hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.  How much do you think Brazil will spend to prepare for these two events?  2 Billion dollars?  Think again.  They will spend 30 billion dollars to build stadiums.  And for what?

Take a look at the comparison between what Germany and Africa spent building stadiums in preparation for the Olympics compared to what Brazil will have to build by the image below.


Much like the Philippines, I would love to see programs by the government be geared towards helping the poor.  It’s main focus should be its people.  Brazilians are outraged really by the fact that their government will spend 33 billion U.S. dollars to build stadiums while their people suffer the same fate as they had in the past.

Watch this compelling video and tell me if the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil will still be exciting for you as it is for their own people.


Spread the word and share the video please.

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