The land of the free, and the home of the brave.

When the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA came down today, it was a victory for everyone. It’s not just for gays. It is this country’s display of democracy and protection of human rights. Second-class citizens no more.

I must admit that I never really realized how important gay marriage is. I was not a proponent of gay marriage in the beginning. I thought, civil union is enough. Why must we have to have the word “marriage” in our lives as same-sex couples?, I thought. Little did I know that the little word called “marriage” comes with very powerful rights and privileges that are not provided to same-sex couples. All legally married couples should have equal protection under the law. Same-sex marriage is as valid as heterosexual marriage.

So now, I am and will be forever grateful that I live in this great country where equality rules. Gay rights are human rights.

What’s next?

Put a ring on it!!


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