Tuhog Trailer – Looks Promising. (VIDEO)


It’s very unusual for me to find a Tagalog movie that is promising enough for me to watch.  I normally would watch any Sharon Cuneta movie, or Maricel Soriano for that matter.  This one caught my eye because of its similarity to a US favorite starring Gwynette Paltrow entitled Sliding Doors.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you rent it out and be enthralled with the surprising twists of the film that is mildly replicated in this new Tagalog film by Veronica Velasco.

A story about a retiree, a guy who’s reserving his virginity for the one he loves and a nasty bus conductor whose lives get entangled because of an accident.  The trailer gave me the “want” to see the film.  It showed enough teaser to make me want to look for the film’s U.S.  or DVD release. The film stars Eugene Domingo, Jake Cuenca, and Enchong Dee. Directed by Veronica Velasco. It will be in theaters nationwide in the Philippines on July 17th.

Take a look:

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