Unknown Gay Country Musician Releases “All-American Boy” and becomes a Youtube Hit.


Wow. A dream come true.

Steve Grand was an unknown musician until four days ago, when he scraped up all that he’s got and maxed out his credit cards for a $7,000 music video budget for his song “All-American Boy”. A gay-themed country music video that became an instant hit on Youtube.

Gay or not, we can all say that we’ve been through this type of rejection where we got close to someone and we misinterpreted the signals and thought that the other person liked us romantically as well.

The video portrays the same type of rejection involving a straight man and a gay man becoming too close to each other, sharing a kiss even – – yet, it was all in good fun for the straight guy but obviously meant something deeper to the gay guy.

According to HuffPo, the video garnered 400,000 views in less than a week and social media exploded with it – sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter by straight and gay folks alike.

Here’s the video – – I must say, I thought it was my story.

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