I need a maid!


Gone were the days when I had a Brazilian lady who came to my house twice a month to give my house a complete general cleaning.  I lost touch with her and I don’t know how  to find her anymore. I have been looking for more reputable maid services but can’t really seem to settle on one.  There are many companies available out there but with my Brazilian friend, there’s no hassle.  She comes in with two other people, cleans the house in three hours or less and leaves.  The best is that I know I can trust her.

I’ve been checking other companies because I really need my house cleaned. I haven’t done a general cleaning in my house in so long. There is Angie’s List, Merry Maids, etc. I found another site called Handybook.com which not only offers house cleaning services but other services as well. In fact, if you need a plumber, just look for Handybook Plumbing and you will be directed to the site. The great thing about their website that I found was its ease of use. You can navigate by entering your zip code, click on the service you need and the dates you need the service done. Whether you’re in need of a house cleaner or a plumber, it’s easy to book the service.

For now, I would have to see if they have house cleaning services in my area and if so, I will probably give them a try.  That is, if I don’t find my Brazilian cleaning lady in two weeks.  🙂

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