On the move.


My niece and her family bid a bitter farewell to us last Friday.  The whole family is moving to Seattle.   She has left the east coast many times but she admits that this is the hardest because this is the first time she had lived close to her parents with her own family.  It was nice for her kids to be closer to their grandparents and for her to get some much needed help in raising two children.  Now, a third one is on the way.  She was wondering how she would manage once she gets to Seattle.  With two kids and another one coming soon, how do you manage everything?  I guess she would have to find out.  She was already stressing to me that she doesn’t know how she will take care of her family by herself.

The same goes for everything else.  We want to be able to manage our life better that we already do.  I am single and I had two dogs before.  Trying to care for two dogs while having a full time job and going to school at night wasn’t easy.  I needed a better way to take care of and organize things.  Thank goodness for the iPhone.  I use my iPhone calendar more than ever.  I also use notes to jot things down as I think of them.  You know how it is as we grow older, we become more forgetful.

My company recently replaced our Blackberries with iPhones.  There seems to be better control of usage on the iPhone than a Blackberry. They did tell us that they have installed a spy software to manage our usage of our company phones.  Somewhat similar to mspy iphone which allows you to track your activity on the phone that technically is not mine. It is the company’s phone so I really didn’t care.

But, did you know that they can find out who your contacts are? You can spy on text message too! For a company, I think it’s creepy but for me, I would probably suggest it for families. Specially if you have kids. More kids have iPhones today than ever before. If you can have Mspy on it, you can find out their activity and who they are in touch with. Let’s face it. There are lots of creepers out there and if I have to spy on my kids to make sure that they are protected, I would gladly do that.

Do you think it’s wrong for parents to spy on their kids?

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