I have had a cell phone ever since I can remember.  I don’t know if you remember me telling you before that I used to be a car phone installer at Cartelco back in the day.  That was the time when cell phones can only be afforded by CEOs and COOs or Vice Presidents   of large corporations.  I have installed cell phones on luxury cars way before regular people owned cell phones.

How times have changed.  Now, not only can we carry cell phones in our pockets, we can do more things with it than our computers at home.  Heck, I used to dream of banking online cause I hated commuting to my bank just to transfer money.  Now , I can do all that with my cell phone.

The problem today is not whether your cell phone is the best smart phone out there.  It’s about the service that you carry.  AT&T have changed their offerings over the years and if you are one of the early adaptors for the iPhone with AT&T, you were given the option to have unlimited data plan.  New members cannot avail of that service any longer and you would have to fall under their tiered offerings which is a bummer.

I am glad that AT&T is not the ruler of the land anymore.  With Sprint and Verizon bumping up their game, and now Virgin Mobile taking on the challenge to offer competetive service plans, AT&T is facing some serious challengers in the cell phone service space.

I am seriously checking out other companies who offer the iPhone and comparing their service against my current provider.  Sometimes there are offerings that are “online offerings” only, and sometimes you have to be in their “brick and mortar store” in order to avail of any good offerings.

Like any smart online shopper, I usually search for online coupons if I have to buy something online.  Virgin mobile coupon comes up with several options if I choose Virgin mobile to be my next carrier.  Personally, I haven’t tried the service yet and I know not of anyone who is under Virgin mobile but I would suppose that if they have a presence here in the US, they may have something to offer to compete with the big three.

My cell phone service is up next year, and for sure – I will be looking at other services.  But until my contract is up, I am stuck with whatever service I have.  Don’t worry, it’s a pretty good set up for now.  If they raise their prices on me – – I will surely jump ship and go with another carrier.

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