I wanna be a couch surfer.


There are different types of travelers.  Some travelers enjoy luxuries and would rather go for the most expensive flights and hotels because to them, traveling in style is the only way to go.  Other travelers, like me, could travel the same places with minimal expense.  There’s the one in the middle where everything doesn’t have to be expensive but they don’t have to be super cheap either.

I have been traveling the world since I can remember.  I’ve been to many places in Europe, Asia and South America.  I have not traveled to the Middle East yet, or Africa, so there are still places to visit.  Many places.

If you travel quite a bit, it could be expensive if you don’t watch your budget.  Airfare is one of the biggest expense, followed by accommodation.  Then, there’s food and tours.

My recent trip to Brazil gave me an opportunity to meet some people who loves to travel as well.  They are members of what you call Couch Surfers.  They trade their couches to travelers who want to visit their area, and in return, those visitors offer their couches to them as well.  It’s like an apartment swapping group.  He gave me a quick run-down on how it all works and I became interested.

I have a home I can share, and I also would like to go to other places in the world – and the United States – where I can stay in a normal house rather than a hotel.  And there are events you can share with other travelers too!  Like today, there is a Super Soaker Battle going on in Philadelphia, a Friday Night Drinks event and many others this weekend.

I love meeting people and to tell you the truth, I have traveled more outside of the United States than within it.    Now that I’ve joined Couchsurfing.org, I hope to travel more within the US.  I haven’t seen Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Iowa, Washington, and many other places I’d like to see!

Are you a couch surfer?

Look me up!

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