Lally, Eric and Vincent. Ano ba? #MHL #myhusbandslover


So, I was working from home today.  I had an appointment that I couldn’t skip kaya heto, nasa bahay ako.

You may already know that I have been following MHL (My Husband’s Lover) since it started.  It’s a phenomenon talaga.  A surprise hit for GMA 7 Network.  Every single gay guy I know, watches the episodes faithfully.   Daily….

Minsan, may mga cell phone photos na dumarating sa kin and in the middle of the day (maybe during lunch time).  Photos of iPhones or Droid phones with MHL on them.  Minsan kasama sa picture yung lunch nila.  Hahaha!  Ano ba?

But to be fair, the show is really addicting.  The plot is very much familiar to all of us.  Who’s going to win in the end?  Is it the love felt by someone or the responsibility towards others?  That is something that homosexuals can relate to very much.  The process of coming out is exactly the same.  Should I tell my family?  Should I conceal it for the sake of our religion?  Should I come out and risk all that I have right now so I can be free?

Kaya naman, mula sa Florida hanggang California, Roma hanggang Africa, ang mga Pinoy, nakatutok kay Vincent, Eric at Lally… araw-araw.  What would weigh more in the end?

So, sa dinami dami naman ng fans – heto ang mga inggitan ng mga friendships:



Ganon!  Talaga bang magpakuha ng ganyan.


So, if you’re not watching MHL yet – – it’s time to start!  Up to 35 episodes na.

If you like, I will post the latest episode on the side bar each day.


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