Should we say goodbye? #mhl #myhusbandslover The phenom continues.


The success of My Husband’s Lover is probably a surprise for GMA 7.  But it is not a surprise for us who watch it faithfully everyday.  It’s the hunger for watching something that portrays the “homosexuals” as real and human that draw us to the teleserye.  Finally, a show that would show the real side of being gay without the stereo type.  That’s what made this show a success.

Tao din kami, nakakaramdam ng sakit, saya at lungkot.  And we did not choose to be this way.  We were born this way.

The show touches on a lot of things.  Betrayal, hiding in the closet, people trying their best to go against the grain.  It’s something that many of us can fully relate to and that is why Filipinos all over the globe are enamored by the show.

Kudos to the writers at GMA 7 who keeps us interested in the show.  The twist and turns are not yet visible but we are patiently watching and waiting to see what happens until the end.

Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, and Dennis Trillo continue to make us believe in the story line.  Their acting contributes a lot to the success of My Husband’s Lover.  The supporting cast, Kuh LedesmaChanda Romero, Dexter Doria, Roy Vinzon and Glydell Mercado blends the cast perfectly.

Keep going GMA – – it’s a gem!

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