“Who am I to judge (gay people)?” – Pope Francis


There is something about Pope Francis that draws me.  The charisma that Pope John Paul II had is somewhat similar to that of Pope Francis.  His humility, kindness and love for the poor is mesmerizing.  I think I may have found my second favorite pontiff in him. What more?  He recently stated, “Who am I to judge (gay people)? “

I’m not going to deny that he still believes (as the church teaches) that the homosexual act is considered a sin.  Being a homosexual is not.  That is a teaching that has remained valid for thousands of years and I don’t know if that will ever change.  But for the pope to say that he cannot judge anyone (most specially gay people) is a display of pure love and humility in my book.  Just as anyone who have experienced discrimination in their lives being the last one to discriminate other people, and those that have been judged are slow to judge other people, it clearly shows that Pope Francis understood Christ when He said, “Love one another, all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.”

His successful trip to Brazil of WYD is a testament that he is ready and able to lead the church to the next level.  He can effect change as much as John Paul II had.    I am totally endeared by our new pope and I hope to follow him and watch him as the years go on.

God bless you Pope Francis.  God bless.

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